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Aquaponica Corporation has been established as a real estate & agriculture company in West of kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Our traditional business model is based on the accomplishment on design of commercial greenhouses. Based on the selling a three models for the customers that have a different size. The revenues of our company are expected to be nearly SAR 50000 per month depending on the variables that are factored in with investments in agricultural field. There is a great need for a land in the future to deal with some real farm production with aquaponics system. In addition to aquaponic systems investments, the company will provide a program for each greenhouse that give us the temperature to our systems.


ConCoating is a startup company that uses innovative and economical solution to take the waste of local iron industry in the production of a major submarine pipeline coating, engineered in a way the exceed the global and local standards. The solution ConCoating provides has already been tested and is performing well in one of the submarine pipelines of Saudi Aramco. While companies are facing new challenges every day, technology keeps growing day after another. The oil and gas industry is playing a major role in the economy of the world and even a bigger role in the Arabian Gulf countries. While there's plenty of oil under water, transporting through submarine pipelines becomes essential. However, installing and maintaining the pipelines is not simple. One of the essential steps is to apply weight coating to the pipelines, which is one of the problems oil and gas companies have to deal with. Going back and forth between the lab and the fields, keeping a closer eye on the local market and the resources on hand, and utilizing the knowledge and the new technologies we reached today, a team of researchers have come to a solution.


Easier is a platform that connects the individuals with their nearby or in the same neighborhood grocery store.

Health & Comfort

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Inks is a social media platform that connects writers and readers together, and enables them to explore and keep track of the publishing industry worldwide. Inks gives aspiring writers the opportunity to showcase their talent to the community and the world. It also gives readers a place for them to find fresh projects and a way to keep track of their reads and stay up to date with book related news. The idea is to make Inks an easily accessible platform for people to have; A place where they can go to for their daily dose of reading. With such a platform, we are aiming to encourage people of all ages to make reading a habit and to make it part of their everyday activities and we also want people with great ideas to have a place they can go to.

M&R Aerospace Co.

The mechanical mechanism to collect debris from hard surfaces is unique compared to existing systems because no extra vehicle is needed. Rather the mechanism is retrofitted under pre-existing vehicles, between the front and rear axles. Four primary design goals were considered when developing this machine; 1. create a system using existing vehicles to collect debris, 2. utilize the movement of these vehicles to power the sweeping mechanism, 3. ensure that all material (metallic and non-metallic items) is collected and stored in a safe receptacle until removal; and last, 4. fabricate a system that can be easily attached to, and detached from pre-existing vehicles. Ultimately, this machine has been designed for large, hard surfaces that need to be clear of debris. The mechanical mechanism designed and prototyped with input from industry experts and has been designed and tested as a full-scale system on an existing baggage cart. The sweeping mechanism is attached underneath the baggage cart between the front and rear axles and can be easily attached and removed by use of two clamps connecting the frame of the sweeping mechanism to the sides of the baggage cart. Additionally, the clamps contain a simple spring suspension that can absorb potential bumps from the ground to ensure the sweeping is continuous. The invention could be used to pick up debris from: stadium floors after an event, garbage facilities, construction projects, airports, sidewalks, and many other locations.

More than 100 years

The project is establishing a factory to build a Saudi and gulf market raises the name of the country and find solutions to a large targeted sector through developing new resources to painting materials with competitive features in terms of cost, quality and sustainability. The materials are anti cracking and anti-bacterial where the weather factors are affecting them positively increasing their cohesion and help in completing the photosynthesis process which is complementing the self-cleaning process with cheap, economic and sustainable materials.


Future travelling companion… it’s an idea which will make travelling easy, efficient and with reasonable price. Morshed (مرشد) is an online platform connects travelers and those who needs various services (e.g airport pick-up, booking hotels with specific features, get a tour around the city, transportation, …etc) with tour guides who will help in providing these services. The platform will enable the traveler to select the suitable guide by looking at their profile and get to know more about their experiences and the offered price. Morshed aims at reducing the problems of culture and language diversity as well as the problem of being cheated during travelling and the unawareness of the country’s laws. Morshed will provide a safe and enjoyable travel experience with competitive price.

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Smart Booking
Based on speed, simplicity and ultimate convenience, SmartBooking is an application that is set to provide the best online booking experience. Whether it is time for a haircut, a dentist visit or perhaps you would love to reserve a table at your favorite restaurant, SmartBooking will enable you to book your appointment and manage all your bookings in one place.


SpeedPharm is an online pharmacy that provide a cheap pharmacy products in fast time with the satisfaction of patients/customers and providing other multiple services to the patients/customers which who are in need for these kind of services, in simple terms SpeedPharm leads to a better health and medical care. SpeedPharm is trying to solve a several problems that patients/customers face in pharmacies particularly in Saudi Arabia. In Saudi Arabia there are different companies of pharmacies which provide various products with different prices, which make the patients/customers confused which pharmacy is providing the best offers, especially the products with high prices which some of patients/customers can't really afford or the pharmacy products which has rare existence in certain area. By SpeedPharm it is only takes a click to do multiple services from several pharmacies, even when the patient/customer is working or staying with family or friends. SpeedPharm doesn't save effort, time and money only but it save the unwanted, clean and usable pharmacy drugs and products to not be thrown in garbage.

False Wall (Stitches)
Our journey started 6 years ago. When the team leader, Odai Marie Karsou, Fill in love with inventions. In 2011, Odai won his first prize in scientific research in 2011 Ibdaa Scientific Olympics. It ignited his passion for knowledge and with the help of many they created inventions that had the sole purpose of the rise of human race. In 2013, Odai developed the idea of reducing the agony behind wounds after the witness of many suffering souls in the ER after a horrifying car crash. That lead to the creation of the Stitches False Wall Project (SFW). A method that simplifies the painful ways of wound stitching. After the first milestone for the invention in the 2013 Ibdaa Scientific Olympics, the creation passed through many experts and evolved by the help of many people. In 2016, Omar Al-maghrabi joined the journey to provide the experts of the business side where the collaboration between him and Odai lead to the boost of the profitable side of the project. And so, Odai Karsou Corp. was created. We at Odai Karsou Corp. (OKC) thrive to serve humanity and provide simple, creative and affordable solutions for their problems. We believe that life is priceless and we as humans take pride in our bodies because they’re our first homes. Mind and soul are the key pillars of our bodies and we at OKC look into new and innovative ways to help preserve our health providing better alternatives for mankind’s already flawed solutions. Our journey begins with observing problems around us. Agony and pain drive us to think about what can we do more. It is our duty to create a better life for people by giving them keys to a healthier, simpler life. Our goal is put our name on everyone’s tongue when it comes to health appliances and we always look forward to the smiles and happiness we get as feedback for our jobs. Changing the stories of hurt humans to a much simpler stories cause with us, life wasn’t as simple.


Wahidoon (واحدون) is an interactive electronic application to improve communication of autistic children and to increase their learned skills. The application consists of a group of icons including icons for emotions, feelings with voices and pictures which help the autistic child to recognize and learn them, an icon for colors audio and video which helps the autistic child to distinguish colors. The application supports a simple and easy language for the autistic child. The application is designed with the assistance of autism specialists. The application is still under development and improvement where the final version of the application will include many features and properties. A pilot was conducted to measure the efficiency of this application on a number of autistic children and the results showed a noticeable improvement in the response of those children. is an interactive online platform provides information about maintenance workshops in KSA and it allows the user to add and assess workshops in addition to the special care provided to the user’s car
  • Provides information about cars workshops inside KSA
  • Allow assessing any workshop inside KSA
  • Provide tips

Eligibility Criteria for the Ideas Track

  • At least two members per team
  • At least one Saudi national on the team
  • No Working Demo required (when applying)
  • No Sales (when applying)
  • No Registration required when applying
  • Should not have received any previous funding
  • Your Ideas can be in ANY industry


  • First winner: SR 20,000
  • Second winner: SR 15,000
  • Third winner: SR 10,000