We are targeting life changing social enterprises which are legally registered in Saudi Arabia, it can be only for-profit enterprises.



  • Mohami Platform
  • Qararat Istisharat; Ta'zeem Al Athar
  • Oukuluna
  • Hayate Suker
  • Tadweer
  • Tawasoli
  • Banafsajeel
  • Scientific Saudi
  • Mahabba Project
  • Qatarat
  • Om Car
  • D. Sin Project
  • Oxor
  • University Market
  • Ketabi luk

Eligibility Criteria for the Social Entrepreneurship Track

  • At least two members per team
  • At least one Saudi national on the team
  • You should have a registered social enterprise, as we are targeting "Startups" stage social enterprises (It can be for-profit or non-for-profit)
  • You may register your entity as an establishment or as a company
  • Your core product/service needs to address a social problem targeting marginalised/disadvantaged population
  • Your Social Enterprise can be in ANY industry


  • First winner: SR 100,000
  • Second winner: SR 25,000
  • Third winner: SR 15,000