We are targeting life changing social enterprises which are legally registered in Saudi Arabia, it can be only for-profit enterprises.



First winner

Second winner

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It's an app and website that allows you to get the key insights and concepts from the best nonfiction books in 15-20 Minutes. Through the app you can read and listen to books as well. Aqssar App contain many hundreds of valuable books in different categories such as Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Management, Marketing, Sales, Bios and more.


Banafsajeel is a social enterprise and curating platform dedicated to fostering appreciation for art and design in the Gulf. The organisation develops creative collaborations for select artists and designers, hence its name which translates from the Arabic phrase ‘be nafas jeel’, or ‘in the spirit of a generation’. Started in 2014, Banafsajeel researches, develops and runs programs and learning experiences that facilitate dialogue and build a creative movement with social value. Working around a different theme each year, Banafsajeel celebrates excellence in art and design by curating an annual group exhibition in partnership with leading art institutions and creative organisations in the Gulf.


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Mahabaa is an online hassle-free gift-delivery service. By 2022, we aim to be the best gift destination in the GCC to those who wants to express their feelings to their loved ones.

A Lawyer's Platform

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University Market

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OMCare is a network of elite clinics and OB/GYN doctors for providing prenatal care service and tele-prenatal care including electronic maternity record and patient monitoring through a mobile technology.

OMCare provides high quality and innovative prenatal care through accredited doctors.

OMCare services includes: Direct Communication with Doctors, Prescriptions and Lab Results, Appointments Reminders, Clinical Alerts, Maternity Medical Record.

Prenatal Care Program also includes: Prenatal Clinical Lab Test, Ultrasound and anatomy Scan Tests, Home Tests, Clinic and Virtual Visits

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Qararat (decisions) is an advisory with a message to enable the leaders aiming at creating a social influence through enriching them with the practical knowledge to maximize this social impact. It also seeks to provide assistance to donors, non-profit organizations, governments and social liability departments in private sector companies.

Qararat (decisions) was created through gathering the experiences of some youth shared the passion of social work where they dedicated these experiences to serve clear objectives drafted in a specific theory of change.


Shortage of blood is one of the serious problems in KSA hospitals where they depend on donors to get blood thus the lack of a sufficient number of donors has a negative effect on the performance of the blood banks in these hospitals in addition the loss of many souls due to the shortage of blood supply with all its factions. Our goal is to create a community of blood donors in KSA.

Scientific Saudi

Scientific Saudi is a NGO that was established in its early days in July of 2012 as a Facebook page. We aim to spread knowledge and to raise the standards of scientific awareness and research culture in the Arab world, by providing and publishing an accurate scientific content. All of our activities are directed at bringing scientific knowledge and the latest researches and discoveries to the Arabic audience.


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Eligibility Criteria for the Social Entrepreneurship Track

  • At least two members per team
  • At least one Saudi national on the team
  • You should have a registered social enterprise, as we are targeting "Startups" stage social enterprises (It can be for-profit or non-for-profit)
  • You may register your entity as an establishment or as a company
  • Your core product/service needs to address a social problem targeting marginalised/disadvantaged population
  • Your Social Enterprise can be in ANY industry


  • First winner: SR 100,000
  • Second winner: SR 25,000
  • Third winner: SR 15,000