We are targeting high impactful startups who are legally registered in Saudi Arabia, with skilled and experienced team members, and scalable and expandable business or social activities




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Aman transforms the way we manage our points. The days when you need to carry tens of loyalty and pre-paid cards in your wallet have gone. With Aman, you can manage all your points from all brands in one app. Aman app allows you to receive points from the stores or brand names through different means. Not only that, but you can exchange these points with your family and friends conveniently and securely any time anywhere. You can then use these points at the stores through your mobile. Through the app, you can check your credit anytime as well as your transactions history. The app has 11 security features, including strong encryption and 2-factor authentication in order to protect the points of the clients. For security reasons, Aman is restricted to be used only in Saudi Arabia. However, extension to other countries is also possible. The app is simple to use and currently supports English and Arabic languages.


Float is an Augmented Reality Social Network you can share and explore memories and experiences around you.
Many a times, it is hard to find the right interior designer to design a room or to renovate it. It is hard to find good references or trust the people whom we are meeting for the first time. Finding an interior designer is a hard job but finding one who can design small spaces is much harder and more expensive. Three main problems needed to get solved Affordability, Accessibility and Time.
iDiveTeam is a Boating agency / Off shore Trip's operator Started in 2013 as the 1st step of taking it to the next level and converting an Old hobby to a Small business , After a concentrated Market Observation and practicing the water sports and enjoying it . We Bought the 1st Boat and operated it from Jeddah City in Saudi Arabia , And After our Network started to expand within the region , We started to operate trips in cities which are more that 700 km away , We started to think about making iBoat Project happen. iDiveTeam Started with different business model which was buying one boat and making off shore trips on it , For Divers Sports fishermen , and cruising as well.

Madad Services LLC

Madad Services LLC is a HoReCa multivendor business-to-business e-commerce company that is created to revolutionize today’s trading market by interconnecting suppliers and manufacturers with Hotels, Restaurants, and Café Shops across Saudi Arabia. Our concept is simple; we don’t sell products, instead, we offer a web platform that facilitates the exchange of goods. Our goal is to digitize the regional trading market and help businesses grow through internet technology.


Mrsool is an online logistics platform that links local shops to deliver products to consumers, and people at their homes (mainly women who can't afford private drivers) rely on those couriers to deliver them goods they need. Mrsool solves that issue in a simple way. Get all the shops (online, or physical shops) in one app, and connect couriers and buyers. The platform will provide all the logistics needed. Tracking of couriers, managing orders, managing payments and providing insurances. The goal is to become the most trusted crowd-based logistics network in the region.

Nushmi Services

NUSHMI is an online service marketplace; a platform that acts as a hub for users. It connects city visitors with locals, and facilitates their interaction. NUSHMI is an easily accessible, culturally customizable platform. It aims at improving our regional economy, and empowering youth to leverage and maximize their potential. NUSHMI facilitates many services delivered both virtually or onsite. The platform consists of a website, and smartphone apps.


Salhah (صلحه) application emerged from the dire need that requires the presence of a link between cell phone maintenance stores and the customers seeking this service; to facilitate everything related to cell phones maintenance and to find the finest and the best ways to ensure reliability and comfort for both customer and maintenance provider. The application was created to solve the customer’s problem of the time consumed to repair their cell phones on one hand, and the problem of the service provider where many capabilities are available to provide such service but are not able to find the opportunity to have their own stores due to financial problems or other issues hinders them from achieving their goals. The application provides high flexibility in regards to the adaptation of the surrounding factors. The application is designed to cope with the market challenges and adapt to them easily and smoothly.
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Sihatech is a mini hospital in your pocket. Yes, there have been many doctor listing and booking websites. We are different and unique in the following three ways: Location, Integration and Service Focus, keeping in mind that we are the online service that offers a complete Hospital Information System (HIS) on the cloud Sihatech empowers patients to find the best doctor according to their needs and book a direct appointment with an experienced and trusted doctor from over 100 different medical specialties and sub-specialties. Sihatech allows patients to browse through our up-to-date database of doctors, clinics and hospitals.

Venus Platform

Venus is an online booking platform that allows users to browse for beauty salons, book for their next beauty appointment, view other customers’ feedback and share their feedback. Venus will make it possible for you to order beauty as easily as booking for a hotel. Users can discover new beauty salons, view their reviews and get inspired. Venus will keep its users up to date with all promotions and offers available by beauty salons. Venus is the best way to treat your beauty and get inspired.


An online platform connecting auto spare parts suppliers and buyers as well as providing the service of spare parts pricing. The company is managed by a group of ambitious Saudi youth seeking their company to excel and exceed beyond expectations. The company is located in Jeddah aims at expanding their services to cover GCC. The sales operations is based in the Plus workshop in KSA and Qatar; aiming at expanding to the Kuwait market in 2017 in order to create competitive opportunities in the field of auto spare parts.
The main goal of Zayer.net is to allow the visitors of The Holy City of Madinah to explore the heritage of this blessed city through guided tours.

Eligibility Criteria for the Startups Track

  • At least two members per team
  • At least one Saudi national on the team
  • Working Demo, ideally with some user traction and some sales
  • Generates at most SAR 1 Million in annual revenues
  • 0-5 years in operations (whenever it registered)
  • Legally registered in Saudi Arabia
  • You may register your entity as an establishment or a company
  • Your Startup can be in ANY industry


  • First winner: SR 100,000
  • Second winner: SR 25,000
  • Third winner: SR 15,000