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Regional and International STARTUPS
Startup: CyberTalents
CyberTalents is an elite network of top talented cybersecurity professionals. We use our state-of-the-art technology to score and rank cybersecurity professionals based on their skills and match them with companies either part-time or full-time.
Speaker: Moataz Abdelfatah

Speaker: Omar Abdelfatah
Startup: Arnab Mobility
Arnab Mobility is a UAE company offering an innovative on-demand electric vehicle (electric scooters, electric bikes, pedal assist bikes ...) sharing platform, built with digital technologies including IoT and data analytics. Our customers can locate our vehicles, ride and pay all through our mobile application, which is available on the App-store and Play-store.
Speaker: Vaibhav Chauhan
Head of Business

Speaker: Nassib El Chaar
Lead Business Analyst
Startup: referbility
referbility is a talent crowdsourcing portal that connects employers with passive talent by enabling anyone to get paid for referring colleagues and friends to great jobs.
Speaker: Clemens Mielke

Speaker: Khadija Al Jabri
Startup: Bioceltix JSC.
Bioceltix develops stem cell-based medicinal products for veterinary use. We are addressing a problem of common autoinflammatory and autoimmune diseases in companion animals that have become a serious challenge for the veterinary medicine. We are implementing an animal-safe technology for the therapeutic use of allogeneic stem cells (one donor – many recipients), characterised by business scalability.
Speaker: Łukasz Bzdzion

Speaker: Paweł Wielgus
Board Member
Startup: Saventic Health
Saventic is a med-tech company that creates AI algorithms to diagnose cancer & rare diseases. Our technology receives electronic health records via medical API (SARAH platform), including laboratory test results and provides feedback, including information about potential diseases, recommendations, next steps & supporting literature. Artificial intelligence algorithms are created based on big data sets obtained from ambulatory care providers as well as hospitals.
Speaker: Szymon Piatkowski
CEO, Founder

Speaker: Karol Lis
Medical Director
Startup: Addenda
Addenda uses distributed ledger technology (DLT) to streamline insurance claims and policies between insurance companies. Tailored tasks are reported in real-time on our user-friendly interface, and then timestamped as evidence onto the blockchain. This allows insurers to report claim and policy changes in a completely verifiable and encrypted manner.
Speaker: Walid Daniel Dib

Speaker: Karim Davis Dib
Startup: DentaCarts Ltd.
DentaCarts is a one-stop-shop marketplace for dental supplies that offers the widest range of authenticated products via authorized dealers. Moreover, DentaCarts is deeply integrated with dental clinics management software, creating a higher quality marketplace through deep data insights and analytics. DentaCarts was co-founded in late 2017 and successfully raised an investment of $450,000 from 500 Startups (US), AAIC (Japan), Wadi Makkah (Saudi Arabia), and AUC Angels (Egypt).
Speaker: Ahmed Yahia
Co-founder & CEO

Speaker: Saad Saleh
Co-founder & CTO
Startup: Runvido
Runvido helps companies to communicate with their audience more effectively thanks to AR technology. We make customers choose the product of our business partner even on highly competitive market. How does it work? Our technology enables companies to put personalized message on static images present on printed marketing materials and let the consumer to interact with it.
Speaker: Grzegorz Ciosek

Speaker: Natalia Ciosek
Startup: SaaS Manager
SaaS Manager is an SI startup that spun of Neoteric, a Software Venture Building company from Poland. We leverage our predictive, personalization, and augmentation engines to solve customer or employee churn for major telecoms and financial institutions.
Speaker: Grzegorz Gwozdz

Speaker: Pawel Sobotkowski
Growth Manager
Startup: Telemedico
Telemedico is one of the biggest providers of medical teleconsultations in Europe that enables 24-hour access to doctors and specialists. Our mission is to be the leader in the implementation of telemedicine and, thus, to provide our patients with excellent medical care wherever they are, whenever they need it.
Speaker: Paweł Kaoka
Head of Global Business Development

Speaker: Paweł Sieczkiewicz
Startup: TVortex Oil Engineering
Vortex technology is a proprietary approach, designed to radically improve water flooding efficiency in mature oil fields without compromising existing operation, with minimal capex. It is CO2 neutral, requires minimal maintenance and can be tailor-made to fit selected injectors and injection patterns.
Speaker: Sergey Jakimov

Speaker: Waldemar Bąk
Startup: IC Solutions
IC Solutions implements technologically advanced IT projects that transform the world from analogue to digital. Based on our experience we have created the IC Pen - data digitization platform, which uses various devices. The IC Pen system goes beyond the technology of digital pens. Instead of limiting our clients to one specific device, IC Pen is a platform that can collect data from various interfaces documents filled with a digital pen on paper, stylus on tablet or Wacom devices. Each of these methods allows you to collate and authenticate contract signatures using biometric data.
Speaker: Rafal Witkowski

Speaker: Patrycja Kogut
Startup: Tensorflight
Yodiwo, based in Sweden, Greece and Cypus, employs 26 experts in IoT, artificial intelligence, data analytics, edge computing and sensor networks, who, in 2016, patented and launched a platform that accelerates the development of enterprise IoT applications. Since then, the platform has been evolved to an AI-driven modular solution for holistic Facility Management.
Speaker: Alex Maniatopoulos

Speaker: Dimitris Leonardos
Startup: Solmeyea
Solmeyea produces high value protein through vertical microalgae cultivation by utilizing ample sunlight & industrial CO2 emissions, helping to meet the increasing protein demand for pharmaceuticals & nutraceuticals while creating a positive environmental impact through reduction of carbon emissions. The end products are suitable for food, feed & pharma manufacturers.
Speaker: Vasilis Stenos
Founder & CEO

Speaker: Markos Kiosseoglou
Startup: WideBot
The first Arabic-focused Bot Builder Platform. We empowers businesses to build smart chatbots that speak the MENA language.
Speaker: Mohamed Nabil

Speaker: Saif Ahmed
Startup: Soul Artists
Soul Artists is MENA's first digital booking management system with a view to establish a global presence. By simplifying event management, Soul Artists is an app that is disrupting the way talent is managed and entertainment is booked. Soul Artists is a revolutionary peer-to-peer talent booking platform connecting entertainers with audiences all around the world. Not only does Soul Artists offer users access to entertainers across numerous industries, it also provides a fully transparent pricing system with secure payment options enabling users to book their ideal entertainers from the comfort of their own homes.
Speaker: Suhail Khoury
Co-Founder & CEO

Speaker: Zaid Khoury
Co-Founder & CEO
Startup: PraxiLabs
PraxiLabs aims to provide equal opportunity for an enhanced Science education – in the fields of Biology, Chemistry and Physics – by providing 3D interactive virtual simulations that are safe, affordable and accessible anytime/anywhere for educational institutions and students alike.
Speaker: Essam El-Saadi
Co-founder & COO

Speaker: Khadija Elbedweihy
Founder & CEO
Startup: FlowLess
Tackling the problem of water scarcity by providing smart solutions for water networks management, consisting of IoT devices for networks monitoring and artificial-intelligence-assisted analysis using FlowLess web platform. FlowLess helps water service providers automatically assess the status of water networks and detect water leaks, improving lives of millions of people by enhancing the quality and quantity of water supply. FlowLess is leading sustainability in water resources in MENA region, driving impact and changing life for the better.
Speaker: Baker Bozeyeh
Founder & CEO

Speaker: Osama Hnini
Co-Founder & CTO
Startup: Baramoda
Baramoda is the first agri-tech start-up in the Middle East and Africa specialized in sustainable agricultural innovations, develops biofertilizers from agri-waste based on the land, crops needs and the goal of agriculture.
Speaker: Moustafa El Naby

Speaker: Reham Yehia
R&D manager
Startup: Robotna
Robotna is a project that aims to enhance the skills of thinking and spreading future science and integrating it with the academic subjects through training using robotics and modern technology in the Jordanian educational community.
Speaker: Jaser Alharasis

Speaker: Thaer alldawe
Co- Founder
Startup: sysGravity
sysGravity is an Egyptian Startup specialized in cyber security and infrastructure migration products.
Speaker: Mahmoud Magdy

Speaker: Sherif Osman
Startup: Dalooni
Dalooni is a platform that allows independent sales agents to sell products for businesses by using their everyday communication channels.
Speaker: Hussain Haji
CEO & Co founder

Speaker: Mustafa Marhama
CTO & Co founder
Startup: at home doc
At Home Doc... we bring doctors to your home... in less than 90 min Western Trained, Qatar Licensed doctors will be at your door step, at a push of a button, you get to choose the medical service you need on our mobile App. Pin your location and your consultation starts right away with a call back from our triage nursing team. The team is well trained to ask you question in order to assess your medical condition and assure non-emergency before your request gets assigned to one of our doctors on the road. Not only that, but we arrange medication delivery and laboratory home services.
Speaker: Hesham Elfeshawy

Speaker: Hatem Elfieshawy
Co founder
Startup: ReBootKamp (RBK)
ReBootKamp is the coding Bootcamp of the Middle East. Based on the Hack Reactor curriculum, due to its innovative education technology is able to deliver to the industry in 4 months, market-ready software engineers experienced in the world’s favorite internet programming languages.
Speaker: Lotfi Darragi

Speaker: Safa Gaja
Cohort LEad
Startup: Hayatech
Hayatech is a digital innovation company at the nexus of employee wellness, connected technology, analytical insights, and digital advertising. Hayatech is a B2B, SAAS and connected hardware platform that aims to incentivize healthy behavioral change through leveraging gamification, wearables, and tokenized rewards, and seeks to offer a solution that incentivizes a healthy lifestyle, lowers corporate health costs, and enables wellness brands to build engagement with our users through a wellness rewards marketplace.
Speaker: Frederick Bastin

Speaker: Sandra Knight
Startup: Blatt Boutique
Blatt Boutique is a curated distributor of sustainable building finish materials (panels, tiles and bricks) as well as an agent for home design items. We also co-create with our makers to produce in-house design products. The sustainable products are either recycled, natural or excracted from renewable sources.
Speaker: Balsam Madi

Speaker: Nour Madi
Startup: Tawazon
Tawazon is the first & leading Meditation & Mindfulness application in Arabic. Tawazon seeks to improve the daily life of the Arab person & families by a mobile application that provides daily, short, and scientifically proven meditation sessions. The innovation and excellence offered by Tawazon is focusing on developing and recording meditation sessions in the Arabic language, which are suitable for the state of mind of Arab communities around the world.
Speaker: Suna Zoabi Othman
Founder & CEO

Speaker: Eilda Zaghmout
Product Manager
Startup: Tulpar
We founded our startup in January of 2018 in Ankara/Turkey based on R&D on self-repairing coatings. During the past two years, we have worked on these kinds of advanced materials and we developed and test them successfully. The company was awarded in ODTU YFYI-2017 competition. Also, Tulpar got capital support from the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TÜBITAKT)-BIGG program. Also, we won ISDB Transformers 2018 Fund.
Speaker: Matin Ghaziani

Speaker: Masoud Latifinavid
Startup: Creative Space
Creative Space is a social enterprise with free education, inclusivity and job creation at the heart of its mission. The enterprise includes a revenue-generating arm that has in-house brands and an online shop,, all of which aim to support, grow and sustain Creative Space Beirut - the first free fashion design school in the Middle East.
Speaker: Sarah Hermez
Chair/ Founder

Speaker: Tracy Moussi
General Manager/ Founder
Startup: Trella
Trella is a technology platform that connects shippers to carriers in the widely fragmented freight industry with a mission to induce structure with a goal of improving efficiency throughout the entire supply chain. The vision is to empower carriers through intelligently moving freight - creating unprecedented economic opportunities in the logistics space while allowing shippers to book reliable, affordable and high quality loads
Speaker: Muhammad El Garem
Co Founder & Head of Launch

Speaker: Peter May
Head of Global Expansion
Startup: Helm: Entaleq
Helm is a hub for information about disability and Persons with Disabilities in Egypt. It is a platform for business growth, for persons with disabilities enablement, and for providing inclusion solutions. Entaleq is a project by Helm, and it is a crowdsourcing platform utilizing the power of the masses to share accessibility information for Persons with Disabilities; thus, maximizing their independence and choice.
Speaker: Amena El Saie

Speaker: Hadeel Kamel
Senior Business Development Specialist
Startup: paynas
paynas is a 3 pllar based SME support platform including cloud HR, Payroll card and micro insurance packages to employees based on data analytics and AI.
Speaker: Mohamed ElHashemy

Speaker: Yara El Abd
Startup: PointCheckout
Loyalty points payment gateway allowing users to pay with their points, merchants to partner with reward programs and access a new customer base, and major reward programs to increase redemption and engagement with their users.
Speaker: Tarek Ghobar

Speaker: Bashar Saleh
CEO and cofounder
Startup: Singularity Computing
Singularity Computing is developing the Operating System for Engineering (OSE)™ which change radically the way engineers design, develop, and build complex products, engineered system, and machines. By offering the best and broadest portfolio of engineering intelligence (EI)™, computational modeling, and engineering simulation software solutions, we help our customers solve the most complex design challenges and scientific problems, and engineer complex products, engineered system, and machines limited only by imagination.
Speaker: Mohamed Labadi

Speaker: Samir Abdelmalek
Startup: Gradsgate
Gradsgate is a white-labled alumni management software as a service (SAAS) for schools and universities that helps in building their alumni database and effectively communicate with their graduates.
Speaker: Khaled Sharaiha

Speaker: Issam Zaghloul
Startup: Sadeq
Multi-awarded tech-enabling parenting Arabic tool helps more than 35K millennial parents support their child Grow and Learn through Play. Sadeq leveraging parents’ potentials through positive engagement through creative and age-appropriate content that supports children’s development from birth to 8 years old with home-based resources.
Speaker: Qusai Abushanap
Managing Partner

Speaker: Abd El Rahman Rabaia
Startup: The Hair Addict
The Hair Addict started as a community (that currently has more than 400k followers between FB and Instagram) that aims to promote self-love and acceptance, making these practices second nature to Middle Eastern and African women. It also aims to teach women that they are worthy of sustainable haircare that entails leaving their hair natural, using natural, organic or low chemical products, eating healthily, and working out.
Speaker: Doaa Gawish
Founder and CEO

Speaker: Hammam Mahmoud
Co- founder & Managing Director
Startup: Baggr
Baggr provides a cost-efficient alternative to purchasing airline’s extra weight packages. The app works by maintaining a trusted community where travelers can connect and save money as well as look into exploring other complementary travel services at all times.
Speaker: Shady Hany
Managing Director

Speaker: Mohamed Ibrahim
Startup: OREYEON
OREYEON has built an AI solution that enables airports to optimize runway safety and security. The platform agnostic solution is easy to integrate with already existing infrastructure making it seamless to use. The team behind OREYEON is composed of an Aerospace Engineer, a Pilot, a CCE with experience in AI and an airport safety officer with extensive knowledge in the industry.
Speaker: Ziad Jreijiri
CEO, cofounder

Speaker: Roni Demerjian
Startup: Sidelick
Sidelick is an online platform that connects pet parents to trusted pet sitters and dog walkers around them.
Speaker: Karim Bacha

Speaker: Jihane Khairallah
Operations Officer
Startup: DRAPP
Your chosen doctors, a chat away! Drapp messaging application connects patients to their chosen doctors or healthcare professionals for online medical guidance on-the-go
Speaker: Kevork Kulkejian
Sales Manager

Speaker: Faiza Hankir
Marketing & Digital Programs Manager
Startup: Lemonade Fashion
Lemonade is the first curated marketplace for custom-made designers Apparel. Through ground breaking technology, Lemonade unlocks the potential of selected designers brands by enabling them to connect globally to customers who need to feel unique in custom-made outfits. Today, Lemonade is home to designers from fashion hubs around the globe.
Speaker: Arthur Bizdikian
CEO and co-founder

Speaker: Dana Malaeb
Chief Fashion Designer & Co-founder
Startup: Consubcon
Consubcon is a digital platform, which brings together subcontractors and the contractors from 22 different countries. We started as Taseron Bank in 2013 and today we continue our way with as The Consubcon. The Consubco has supplied subcontractors and worker teams since founded and today we have supported more than 1000 construction projects. Consubcon has more than 5.000 Contractors, 30,000 Subcontractors and 100,000 Construction Workers.
Speaker: Emrah Inanç
Founder and Ceo

Speaker: Mustafa Canlı
Startup: FitJa
FitJab - first muslim-friendly fitness application for women.
Speaker: Nikita Ryjih
Founder, CEO

Speaker: Eric Abdykalykov
Co-founder, COO
Startup: The Mortgage Magic
Mortgage Magic is a cloud-based platform automating the “highly regulated” UK mortgage market specifically catered for mortgage market. Mortgage Magic is applying very specific deep technologies to a commercial problem to meet the desperate need in the UK, transforming the largely uninnovated market for brokers, other intermediaries, lenders, building societies and mortgage applicants saving their time and money.
Speaker: Tanjir Sugar

Speaker: Pradip Lotlecar
Startup: SKN
SKN is a digital platform that connecting landlords with tenants by automating all aspects of affordable medium and long-term renting.
Speaker: Hossam Elharairy
Business development manager

Speaker: Andrew Roshdy
Startup: Microsystem Hotspot
Microsystem Hotspot is an innovative public Wi-Fi system that helps you to grow your sales up to 5 times, decrease your marketing cost up to 9 times, through smart Wi-Fi Marketing technology to be able to Market your business using existing customers build loyalty and communicate effectively with your real clients and gain clients loyalty with WhatsApp Bot.
Speaker: Ahmed Kasem

Speaker: Ahmed Badr
Startup: MARJ3
Online platform connects MENA youth to scholarships , opportunities and universities around the world. MARJ3 consider as one of the leading Edtech platforms in the region with more than 2.4 million monthly visits.
Speaker: Sami Al Ahmed
CEO & Co-Founder

Speaker: Ahmed El Gebaly
Content Manager & Co-Founder
Startup: beXel
The 1st cloud inspection management software in MENA region that digitize inspection workflow, go paperless by completing tasks 10X faster.
Speaker: Ayman Abou Regeila
Founder & CEO

Speaker: Mohamed Shiha
Account Manager
Startup: ETGo (Entertainment To Go)
We are a service provider for the entertainment business. Through our network, ETGo can connect customers and their favorite places through an easily accessible and user-friendly interface which serves data presenting and reservation to the customers meanwhile a reservation and accounting management system and statistics to the places’ owners.
Speaker: Omar Youssef
Founder & CEO

Speaker: Moatassem Desoukey
Co-Founder & CTO
NIoTEK is a startup that provides Internet of things, Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality products to businesses enabling them work smarter, faster, more efficient and take faster decisions about their operations. NIOTEK focuses on providing practical solutions to the industry. We have extensive experience in many diverse areas of integrated solutions, hardware development and Electrical Engineering. NIOTEK IoT platform enables connectivity, device management, visualization and data analytics, our platform provides incredible results in innovation and profitability, enabling implementation of Smart Factories, Smart Products and Smart Services.
Speaker: Anas Ismail

Speaker: Mahmoud Ashry
Project Manager
Startup: 3elagi
3elagi is a technology startup supporting healthcare users in Egypt with a vision to facilitate the search, evaluation, selection & acquisition of healthcare products & services through a single platform, our App 3elagi is your one-stop-shop for healthcare products & services.
Speaker: Haytham Ibrahim

Speaker: Mostafa Hamouda
Startup: fawaterak for Online payments
Fawaterak is an online invoicing and payment platform that facilitate online payments between merchants and their clients and suppliers through integrating local and global payment networks in one dashboard featured by powerful tools for collect payments locally and globally. Also, the supplier will have dashboard for all his clients' products or services and how much he need from each business.
Speaker: Waleed Farg
Project Manager

Speaker: Ahmed Khaled
Sales executive
Startup: Medical Simulator Technologies
MST is an advanced medical technologies company introducing to the market an innovative simulation system for cardiac examination and micro-invasive heart procedures based on datasets from real patients. MST is already present with its products on 4 continents and is constantly working on the best simulation solutions for invasive cardiologists and cardiac surgeons.
Speaker: Kamil Kipiel
CEO, Board Member

Speaker: Tomasz Dziwinski
CTO, Board Member
Startup: Elmawkaa
Elmawkaa is a marketplace for construction companies to provide competitive quotations for building materials in a documented and automated process 10 times faster.
Speaker: Ibrahim Elashiri

Speaker: Mahmoud Habib
CTO, Board Member
Startup: Himitso
Jordanian startup specialized in Providing Creative Teaching Aids like Curriculum, Tools and Training to create Imagination building system that enable children to move from indoctrinate student to innovative student.
Speaker: Lujain AlAbaasi
CO Founder & Training Manager

Speaker: Ahmad AlSafi
CEO & Business Development Manager
Startup: Rent 'n Connect
Travel Technology - Internet connection solutions.
Speaker:Ahmet Ozgur Gen

Speaker: Moustafa Hendawi
Customer Support Manager
EAZYTRON is an assistive device created to help people who cannot use technology due to limited abilities and give them more control of their computers, phones, tabs and smart homes. EAZYTRON is a special mouse designed alternatively for those who have trouble using their computers with usual input devices. EAZYTRON was designed to control the cursor with slight head movements and maximum accuracy while allowing the user to click by a touch sensor using his lips, or by a foot-switch using his foot, based on user situation.
Speaker:Muhammad Othman

Speaker: Ameen Tgoo
Startup: IRIS Technologies
We are developing cutting-edge beehives' tracking and monitoring technologies to provide beekeepers with more profitability, efficiency, and sustainability.
Speaker:Khaled Bouchoucha
Founder & CEO

Speaker: Faten Ben Hmida
Business Developer
Startup: OC Studios
OC Studios is a startup working on digitizing the marketing and presentation materials for the Real Estate industry utilizing the latest technologies such as: VR, AR, Touchscreens, BIM, Mobile and Web development.
Speaker:Hatem Ghanem

Speaker: Omar Abdalla
Startup: Conative-labs
Conative-labs is an IoT solutions company for agribusiness. Our main product is called Nilebot, it's an online monitoring and alarming system for aquaculture based on IoT.
Speaker:Abd Elrahman Lotfy

Speaker: Omar Khaled
Startup: Dmails
A Decentralized and privacy-focused email service provider, ready for WEB 3.0 and built using Blockchain technology.
Speaker:Mohamed Abdou

Speaker: Karim Abdou
Startup: Dawsat
Dawsat is a technology-enabled services company that uses an advanced digital platform, Arabic culture and a science-based, proven methodology to help employers and insurers reduce obesity and obesity-related illnesses (diabetes, CVD, cancers, etc.) among their employees and community members. Over 50,000 people have lost weight with the Dawsat method to date.
Speaker:Tally Zingher
Co-Founder & CEO

Speaker: Mas Watad
Founder & Chief Nutrition Officer
Startup: Tutorial Online
Tutorial online is an efficiency support electronic system. It is a virtual, dynamic assistant that constantly monitors what is happening in the browser, guides the user step by step through the whole process, ensuring correct and quick work with the program. The tool is also suitable in the area of User and Customer Experience.
Speaker:Krzysztof Synowiec

Startup: Mruna
A formidable alliance among microbiology, IoT, and SMEs' that will disrupt the draconian Wastewater Treatment (WWT) industry by harnessing both a technology and business model innovation. Our solution weds a nature-based WWT technology with cloud-based IoT tools to offer an affordable and almost zero maintenance solution that can be remotely monitored. These would result in small-scale facilities dispersed throughout a country and allow for independent, self-maintained, and self-sustained facilities that are effectively scalable via a network of partnerships and sales channels.
Speaker:Ziad Husami
Managing Director

Startup: Mint Basil Market
Mint Basil Market is an e-health and commerce platform hosting a vetted and curated selection of healthy, natural products from food, natural beauty and cosmetics, to eco-friendly household essentials, customized to your specific diet and lifestyle needs. We work with a community of health experts to provide unique content and personalized recommendations that help take the guess work out of living your healthiest life.
Speaker:Vanessa Zuabi

Startup: Beenova AI
Beenova AI builds personalized learning journeys to help teach, track and measure future skills.
Speaker:Antonios Kondis

Startup: Carbon Mobile
Carbon Mobile is Berlin based conceptual tech company accelerating the adoption of advanced materials in personal electronics.
Speaker:Jamie Clews
Brand Director

Startup: Kotobna
Kotobna is a self-publishing platform launched in 2015 to help young talented Egyptian and Arabic authors to publish and monetize their work in both electronic and printed formats. Kotobna uses website, mobile application and digital print-on-demand platform to prepare, publish, print and promote e-books and printed books to its audience all over the world. In economic, scalable and eco-friendly way. Kotobna published more than 750 e-books and more than 800 printed books for writers from all over Arab world.
Speaker:Mohammad Gamal
Founder and CEO

Startup: Taqatak
Capitalizing on a shift to a more environmentally conscious culture, Taqatak has managed to innovatively integrate between the fields of renewable energy, marketing and AI. Taqatak is a vibrant business venture that pioneers in producing branded solar-powered products for advertising in public spaces. Our most recently sold products include solar-powered mobile-charging stations and solar enabled umbrellas with built in charging units.
Speaker:Pradip Lotlecar
CEO and Founder

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