Activity:Wednesday 25th September, 2019
Activity:WhiteSpace, Al Murjanah Tower
Activity:07:00 pm – 09:30 pm
Activity:Hatem Kameli
Activity:How to build and scale your online Start ups


In conjunction with the announcement of opening registration for MITEF Saudi Startup Competition, the MITEF Saudi Arabia annually organizes a series of introductory and promotional tours to the universities and educational institutions inside the KSA, to promote the competition and encourage entrepreneurs to participate and pitch their startups and innovative ideas.

The Roadshows provide a unique experience, and are considered among the most effective methods to reach the target audience. The stories and experiences of participants in the previous editions of the competition are presented during the tours. In addition, all questions and inquiries regarding the judging criteria and the quality of the sought-after projects and ideas are answered. The Roadshows in the previous editions of the competition saw the participation of a large number of business and social entrepreneurs and innovators who were keen to attend such important meetings which provide direct communication with the competition team to answer questions and learn about the important and encouraging details. The MITEF Saudi Startup Competition intended to expand the promotional visits and tours across the Kingdom year by year, to reach a larger number of innovators and enterprise owners who are eager to turn their passion into successful business and social enterprises.

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